Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Book Review : The Heavenly Man

I recently ordered and read this book after seeing it on Amazon while searching for "Chasing the Dragon". I was excited to find out about it and like Chasing the Dragon, could not wait for it to arrive. I just had a sense that it was going to be life-changing.

I think I read this book in about 5-6 days. I just could not put it down. It was like reading the book of Acts, only these Acts of the Holy Spirit just happened in the last 20-30 years. I was so encouraged to read this story of God's faithfulness, mercy, and grace. Furthermore, I was deeply challenged in my walk with the Lord - challenged to live a life of laying aside the unimportant, for the prize of knowing Jesus and the power of his resurrection.

Brother Yun did not seem to use the opportunity of telling his life's story to exalt himself, but humbly encouraged the reader to take their walk with the Lord seriously. This is a constant theme coming from Chinese Christians and a very good one at that. Persecution and the threat of death, imprisonment, etc, really makes you take a look at how you live your life!

If you want to be challenged in your walk with the Lord, or need to see that the Lord is still doing great and mighty things in our day and age, read this book!