Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Elders, Overseers, and Bishops, Oh My!

Some really great things are happening with the group of believers we worship with. The Holy Spirit seems to be moving us towards being governed not by a single pastor, but by a group of elders (aka. overseers, pastors, etc.). As we're walking into this, we're really seeing some neat things happen. As we're starting to recognize that God's plan for the body of Christ (aka. the church) is for EVERY believer to be involved, we're not only seeing more leaders take part, but more people exercise their gifts.

It's really neat to see everyone contribute to the edification and well-being of everyone else. We're experiencing a freedom and sense of expectation that I've never seen experienced within the four walls of a church building.

Many, many people are against the notion of no single pastor. My challenge to those persons... Let the Word of God judge our ideas about what Church is. Do the same for your ideas too. You'll have a hard time finding a scriptural basis for a single-leader!

I hope to share what's happening in our midst as things unfold!

Hosanna Maranatha!

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Laura J said...

Oh, that this could truly happen!