Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The balmy-cold gray days of winter

What is it about winter in the northeast? We can never seem to have a solidly cold, or solidly warm winter... always just enough of each in constant rotation to keep one nearly miserable. Not enough cold and snow to get into something fun like dog-sledding, and not warm enough to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Everything is just gray. Yuck!

With the indecisive weather seems to come a similar spiritual experience too. Warm, then cold. Warm, then cold. Why is that? Who knows? Fortunately, God's love for me doesn't change when I am fickle in my attention towards Him. Perhaps people have their spiritual winters too? I know I seem to have several per year. Sometimes for a year or more at a time.

I guess the benefit is that the winter brings rest and renewal in a weird, depressing and boring kind of way. It's kind of like nap time was when I was a kid. Not something I relished, but was probably good for me. Just like the earth is resting this time of year, perhaps we do to?

I look forward to breaking through the "winter" of the soul soon and experiencing more "son". Till then, I guess the gray, balmy-cold days of winter will have to do.

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