Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Post-Christmas Ramblings

I read on the news of the furious Christians who insist that we not remove "Christ" from Christmas, that we have "Christmas Trees" and not "Holiday Trees", etc.

I don't know about you, but most of the Christians I've known barely include Christ in Christmas to begin with... How then can we complain that those who don't know Christ want Him removed from their attention. The Christians don't even pay particular attention to Jesus during Christmas, except in cutsie Christmas card cliches, church pageants and the salvation army guys dressed like Santa (Salvation/Santa? Go figure!).

"Ok kids, let's get up early and read the Christmas Story in the Bible before we over-indulge for the next few days." Yeah, Christ is fully worshiped as we feast on food and drink as many around the world will not eat. How many hungry people could we feed with the resources spent buying stuff for each other that often finds it's way into a seldom-used existence on a shelf somewhere?

Does Jesus really relish that we celebrate His advent by celebrating materialism, putting up decorations, singing of snow, chestnuts, mistletoe, etc? Is that why He came, so we could have more stuff, and smell the fresh pine-scented air?

Did Jesus have much to say about Christmas Trees when He walked among the disciples two thousand years ago? Sheesh, I sound like a Jehovah's Witness! Some are probably thinking I sound like the scrooge.

Christmas is great. I LIKE Christmas. Really, I do. I just wish that it could have more to do with Jesus than it does. I wish that we, as worshipers of the Son would invest more of our efforts, attention, and resources into things that matter to Him. Let's keep the trees, the wreaths, the greenery, and yes, even some modest gifts. Then, let's experience the true joy of advent and go out and bring hope to the needy, gifts to the poor, etc.

So that's my challenge to self as I write this. I want to break free from the cultural view of Christmas that exalts everything except Jesus and brings rot to the heart.

Any other takers?

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