Monday, March 12, 2007

Who's getting sick of MLM?

I sure am! What a bruise on the body of Christ.

Okay, before you flame me with comments about how your MLM is successful, or how you're not such and such, and how your product is different, etc. let me explain some points of view...

First, I am deeply concerned about Christians being involved in MLM. Not a Christian? Well, I feel bad that you're being suckered into a lie, but your already living in a matrix of lies (by not knowing Jesus), so I don't expect you to see the truth for what it is. However, those who know Jesus should know better.

Second, I understand that some network marketing/MLMs are okay.

Here's a simple rule of thumb I have on the matter: If the profit potential for the "business" comes from the product and NOT signing up others to sell the product, it's at least not likely to be a scam. If the profit comes from signing up others, sorry to tell you, but it's a waste of time AND you're ripping off your friends and loved ones. If it's more of the latter than the former, you're in the wrong business.

Third, even if your "business" passes the rule of thumb, examine your motivations in the bright light of scripture.

There... I said it. Go ahead and send me hate mail and nasty comments!

So why am I writing this again? Because I know so many people who are pursuing these bad MLM opportunities it's getting kinda sick. I am in the process of writing down all my thoughts (there's a lot). Until then, I wanted to share some observations, some links, etc.

First, the thoughts...
  1. Worry about money is sin. Whatsoever is not of faith is Sin (Rom. 14:23).
  2. Does MLM (or other business) turn every relationship (new and old) into a business opportunity?
    1. How does it fit into Go.. preach... baptize?
  3. Does God bring people into our lives so we can "sign them up" for the business, or "sign them up" for the kingdom of God?
    1. Can you really do both?
  4. Are MLM "meetings" really what God had in mind for the biblical fellowship of believers together?
    1. What do you find yourselves talking more about, the "business" or Jesus?
  5. Guess what! All MLM companies use spiritual/religious jargon in their marketing! They all have people who are using their great wealth to fund missionaries, plant churches, feed the hungry, cure disease, etc.
  6. Jesus said that the widow's mite ($.02) was MORE than the gifts of the wealthy contributors. God does not great amounts of money. He wants our hearts. If you're not giving sacrificially now, you won't give sacrificially when you're making more money.
  7. How can one reconcile "seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you" with the idea of investing all one's free time into a business (not just MLM!)
  8. If you're involved in MLM, how many hours have you dedicated to it this week? How many hours have you dedicated to reaching those whom are lost and headed for eternal separation from God?
  9. Godliness with contentment is great gain! Is your "business" causing you to want more out of life? "Has God really said?" has been a classic scheme of the evil one from the beginning!
In fairness to the MLM'ers out there, I'll add that I myself am convicted about some of the above (and should be!) as it relates to how I spend my time and energy. These questions should be asked about all our lives, not just those involved in MLM.

Now, some links...
    Good site on the statistical analysis done on MLM distributors
    Good summary of the lies that many believe about MLM
Thanks for permitting me the soapbox time. I'll get down now that I've vented!

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